Software is provided as is, under the GPL license

zaoe (pronounced "zowie") is an init script for AoE on Red Hat Enterprise linux versions 3 to 6. The point of using this script is that you don't have to do much other than put it in /etc/rc.d/init.d and use ntsysv or chkconfig to light it up. Like nearly all Red Hat init scripts, it wants a parameter file, which you should name /etc/sysconfig/aoe (no Z!). If you are mounting LVM volumes that are part of physical volume groups accessed through AoE, you will need to include the string "AoE" (case sensitive!) in the volume group names, and you shouldn't embed that string in the names of any volume groups that aren't using AoE.

shootsnap was originally called the wayback machine, but then a bunch of pushy librarian types stole the name. It's a backup utility based on Mike Rubel's idea, written in bash. I've always intended to port it to the most excellent busybox, but I suppose Apple would put a horse's head in my bed or something... Anyway it uses a dead simple, printcap-style configuration file syntax, which may bring tears to the eyes of those who truly understand the horror of binary registries, and it probably should not be used by anyone unfamiliar with setting up and securing ssh passwordless access. If you want to try it anyway, please don't create any unrestricted keys that execute as root.

gidget is a simple interface to linux inotify, written in C.

ldapsync trivially manages OpenLDAP replica provisioning and update. Written in perl.

groupx is a web based utility for navigating LDAP groups, written in PHP for apache.

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